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This is a list of contributors which is updated frequently

•bitsandbobs ($2)
•Sebastian Kiechle ($6)
•Istvan Mayer ($8 + C$5)
•Marco Fragala' ($1)
•Jose Garcia ($5)
•Steeve Jean-Baptiste ($5)
•Hector Rios ($1)
•Bill Davis ($20)
•Hung Tu Lin ($50)
Mykola Rozhkov ($5)
•Luis Manuel Mangas Lindo ($20)
Fernando Alegria ($10)


If you’ve already donated or contributed to the project in any other way, but don’t appear in this list, feel free to send me an email (at with a proof of your donation/contribution.

If you want to donate and appear in this list, go to MacPostFactor > Donate (Cmd+D)

Note :
You need to use MacPostFactor v2.0 (or later) to donate.

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