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This is a list of contributors which is updated frequently

•bitsandbobs ($2)
•Sebastian Kiechle ($6)
•Istvan Mayer ($8 + C$5)
•Marco Fragala' ($1)
•Jose Garcia ($5)
•Steeve Jean-Baptiste ($5)
•Hector Rios ($1)
•Bill Davis ($20)
•Hung Tu Lin ($50)
Mykola Rozhkov ($5)
•Luis Manuel Mangas Lindo ($20)


If you already donated or think you’ve contributed to the project in any other way, but you don’t appear in this list, feel free to send me an email (at and indicate the proof of your donation/contribution.

If you want to donate and appear in this list, go to MacPostFactor > Donate (Cmd+D)

Note :
You need to use MacPostFactor v2.0 (or later) to donate.

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